About Us


La Tamalera grew up with her Grandmother and Mother at the Núñez Tamale Factory.  Although the business closed in 1993 her Grandfather passed and it was too labor intensive to continue mass production, they never stopped making Tamales.

Recipes have been verbally passed down 5 traceable generations, starting with La Tamalera's Great, Great Grandma Julia Candelaria.  Everything is done the old world way, by sight, touch, and taste with no measuring devices.  No shortcuts, or processed ingredients, just whole food from an old world for the modern day!

5th Generation Tamalera grew up alongside her Grandma in the kitchen and takes pleasure in treating her family with homemade tortillas from fresh ground corn. Honoring the women before her by teaching the 6th Generation the tips and tricks of family tradition by using nixtamalization processes that have been handed down for generations.

After a brief illness, turning to natural medicine, and learning about all the Genetic Modifications that have been made by the industrialization of our food supply in the U.S. La Tamalera was limited to natural foods to help heal her body.  Unable to find authentic artisan tamales (only processed corn flour with genetically many modified ingredients including soybean, and gluten); she had the urge to join forces with her Grandma's expertise.  Returning a nostalgic tamale to market, and sharing this family tradition that has remained alive for so many years with community again became a passion.  Sharing the love this wholesome food using only non-GMO or better (organic) ingredients.  Adding a few twists of her own with organic certified corn, pasture raised meat, plant based masa, vegan, clean label options.  These old world methods and "clean label" ingredients are much like the foods her Great Grandmother Antonia cooked for example, rendering her own pork fat vs. the convenience of unhealthy boxed, hydrogenated lards that add preservatives and chemicals to elongate shelf life, and creating trans fats.

Bringing back when food was "just food" before industrialization, and modification of our food supply. Taste the authentic tradition!


The Tamale Factory is committed to purchasing fresh local ingredients that are sustainably sourced, when available. Below are a few of our suppliers we source with pride:


Rocky Free Range Chicken ( Non-GMO Project Verified)

Petaluma Poultry   |    Petaluma, CA


Sonoma County farmed & pressed olive oil

Eyrie  |    Santa Rosa, CA